I want Advice on Optimizing MyPaint for Digital Art Projects

Hello MyPaint Community :slightly_smiling_face:

MyPaint is new for me and i don’t know this category is right for me if there is any mistake please forgive me; I am now learning how to use it for a variety of digital painting projects; I have been experimenting with different features and brushes but I want to hear from more experienced from users how to optimize MyPaint for projects.

I am interested in the following fields you can see :point_right:

What are some tips and tricks for customizing brushes to achieve different effects? Do you have any recommendations for specific brush.
How do you efficiently manage layers in MyPaint for artworks? Are there any best practices for layer. How should one create and apply a color palette in MyPaint. Do you employ any particular instruments or methods to keep color constancy throughout your projects?

Please share If you have any thorough tutorials, guidelines or other resources you think someone would find helpful in getting the most out of MyPaint. Your insights and experiences will be helful for me; I continue to develop my skills with this software.

Also I have check: https://community.mypaint.app/t/mypaint-basic-guide-getting-started/ml-tutorial was helpful for individuals who wanted to investigate deeper. I would be grateful for any further suggestions.

I appreciate your assistance in advance :blush:

mypaint is both simple, or perhaps a bit difficult to use

what you perhaps are looking for is something that makes it easy, or also cheap to use, or however think mypaint is the opposite of that, or museum, or very old ways to working, or that’s what they want, or one could say it’s so simple, or wants you to be the artist, or perhaps could add user friendly, or for instance recent colors palette, or however that’d be cheating, or less the drawing experience

Perhaps the most significant thing I did when I used MyPaint more actively was to used it paired with GIMP, with either some plugin or version that opened “ora” files. I had the same file opened in both programs at the same time, saving it on MyPaint and reloading it on GIMP every time I needed to do some “heavier” editing stuff, leaving MyPaint pretty much only for drawing itself. The only level of “editing” one can do in MyPaint I believe is like copying a layer and deleting all except something you want to move, move the layer, and then merge it again. Overall my approach is to use very few layers, the less one uses, the lower are the odds of some confusion, with the file size and RAM usage also being lower. It’s really a shame that GIMP’s incorporation of the MyPaint brushe engine is somewhat clunky, AFAIK some old brushes or with some kind of error in their code will prevent GIMP itself from starting, while the exact same brushes remain functional on MyPaint.

I also had a custom GTK theme to make the GUI significantly more compact. My screen isn’t really that large, and I couldn’t find a default GTK theme that would allow me to have enough panels/controls on the GUI and not feel too crowded, with barely any space for the canvas itself. It was based on some version of an abandoned “alpha” version of the Mist theme for GTK3 that I found somewhere, only minor tweaks over that theme that is already far more compact than the average GTK3 theme, even ones with “compact” on their names.

This GIT repository isn’t mine, but that’s where I downloaded it from. I used it only for MyPaint I guess, with some environment variable on the command line of a wrapper script or something.