MyPaint Basic Guide - Getting Started

Something I made nearly a year ago. It’s a basic tutorial that serves as a quick start guide for those new to MyPaint (workspace, canvas manipulation, keyboard shortcuts etc.) It’s a little outdated by now though, since the guide’s based on version 1.1. Most basic functions remain the same, but icons and sample screenshots might have to be updated.

The guide also features my take on a personified/humanized version of the program (I’m not the first though, I’ve seen other artists draw their versions of “MyPaint-Tan”). I might draw her more as a tutorial character if I decide to make more of these. You can view her current standalone pic here:

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I have a question for you. Would you be willing to help write the user manual for MyPaint 1.2? We have one started on our wiki, but it still needs some more work. All the features for MyPaint 1.2 are set so, you shouldn’t have to worry about sudden changes, just bug fixes. if can you do that, It can allow @achadwick to focus on the code and I can focus on the website. Also future user manuals will be a lot easier to make since they be based on the one you make. I can also help you get the screenshots, and image resources you need as well so we can have many examples from different artists as well. If you don’t want to it okay, but it can be one way you can help contribute to MyPaint.

Either way nice personification of “MyPaint-tan”. My idea of her was almost the same as yours. Maybe we should do a collaboration on a different iteration of her. ^^’

I’m not confident that I can write a comprehensive guide, but sure, I’d still like to try and contribute written content for the 1.2 user manual. Things a little busy right now between work, personal art projects and holiday preparations though, so I can’t say for certain how much time and how often I’ll be able to work on it. But either way, I’ll submit whatever I finish.

Does the content need to be within the Wiki pages at Github, or should it be a downloadable .pdf file like the one I linked in this topic? I’m more comfortable with the latter, as I don’t have any experience with Github or managing Wiki pages yet. Alternatively, I could just send what I’ve written as a .pdf/LibreOffice document so that the content can be copied and pasted to the Wiki.

And I’m glad you like how MyPaint-Tan looks here. I just followed some general ideas like the blue and light/dark brown color theme based on the icon. And it seemed like a beret and some kind of apron/overalls is a common theme with other artists’ versions. Her design could be refined in the future, so I’m open to suggestions.

I believe for now it needs to be written either on the GitHub Wiki or you can clone it with git and work on it locally in Markdown. However since you feel more comfortable with Libre Office, u could E-mail it to me and I can convert it for u.

Markdown is extremely easy to write. Even this site supports Markdown so you can practice here as well. There is also many editors for Markdown that give you live updates as well. Just Google “Mardown editor Linux” and you’ll get articles with their recommendations.

I understand if you can’t do this. Work and family are way more important. I’m preparing for the holidays in my area so I completly understand. Either way if you contribute or not, we’re glad you are here. ^^