MYPaint v 2.0.0 - Some tests ( videos and Illustrations )

Hello everyone.
My name is Mozart Couto.
I have been a freelance illustrator and comic artist in Brazil for decades. Here are links to see my first experiences with the Alpha 2.0.0 version of MyPaint using the great brushes created by Brien Dieterle! Hope you like it.
Link to my You tube channel:
Link to my blog (sorry but the language used is Portugese from Brazil.):

Direct link to my favorite images: :

The images can be used in the gallery of this site. And comments are welcome.
Thank you.


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@MCouto these are fantastic! I really like this one, too. I’m finally checking out your videos. Very cool! Your demos are so much better than mine :slight_smile:
The link is wrong on the youtube link above, by the way. (
You’re making me want to paint something! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi, Brien,
Follow the link to my channel, I think it will work now:

Nice that you liked the pictures.
Thank you.

These are awesome great work.

Thank you for sharing your work here and on youtube Mozart. I’ve been following your videos for a while, and your comic inking videos are beautiful and inspiring.