One of my Recent Works

Great works! Here’s one of my recent ones

. I hope I’m doing this right, I’m uploading from my phone. Let me know if you can see the image, please.


Yeah, I can see the image.
I don’t know what it means to do things right, though lol. But I can tell you this artwork has potential even if it’s a bit weird imho, I mean, why is there a boat next a tree (just one simple question the viewer can ask). Maybe the background needs to give more details about how the boat got there, just my impression.
About the gray background, it kinda “strikes” the eye with the saturated light blue (it could have been worse though, if it was a saturated red against red… one of the worst chromatological combinations afaik…).
Good attempt though, if I can give my honest impression about it.

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Nice, but I think it would take a few more details to make the whole picture. :thinking: The beginning is good, keep it up!

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good rendering! love it!! Thank you for sharing it!