Codartx Artworks

Hi !

Quick presentation : i’m Cod Artx (or Armand if you prefer), artist and illustrator for years ago. I started with 2 years in an Art School in France, very classical : sketchs, paint and differents works.
Stop it for work, live in another city (Bordeaux), met people, build a family and make a baby.
Today i stop bad jobs to back on my real passion and draw every day.
I’m using differents technics : pencil, rotring, markers and a bit of Gimp but i never found a real tool on computer (i’m on LinuxMint) to draw like i want. And now, i have MyPaint. A BIG THX for that, it’s amazing, that’s the perfect tool for me and i’m coming here to share few works i made since i install MyPaint (2 days ago). Apologize for my english, i try to learn :stuck_out_tongue:


I work with a A4 Trust Tablet TB-7300, this Mr Bison from SF2 and Kroener from Hellboy, work in progress for an exibition.


Very good!

Do post more :slight_smile:

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I’m actually playing some Star Wars games (on mobile, not really on my pc), i’m a big fan of the universe since i’m a kid. My favorite characters are the jawas. There is so much details i love drawing : belts with pockets, clothes, very mysterious story, such a fan. So i draw a jawa and maybe he could be Akial, the only jawa who became a jedi.


there is my first work on MyPaint, just for test, no idea what i’m doing at this moment. This charac looks like Elvis, to be honnest, i’m NOT looking like Elvis, i’m a little bit cute (hahaha).


Awesome work! But, do you really hold the stylus like that? :wink:

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hahaha of course yes ! Ancient ninja technic :wink:

Do you have an Instagram page?

yep : codartx and same on facebook.

Second test on mypaint.

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A little bit flashy (trad : new flashes are a bit violent…)

These are nice! You have recognizable style.

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Work in progress ! (Shield in progress actually). I’m a big fan of Zelda, i think every title is good. Never draw Link, so this is my first shot.

I’ve a question : There is an option in MyPaint to change compression ratio when we export a pict ?


You can have any jpeg compression you like as long as it is 90%. :slight_smile:

For other ratios I recommend that you save as png or ora, open the image in Gimp and export to jpeg.

is it possible to turn off the compression (or data reduction) if you zoom out from a detail ? because if you visit the detail again (zooming in again) it looks different from what was drawed before . greets carypt

The infinite page is lovely _

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some caracters in your sketches respond very harsh and critical on your artistic ambitions . like an evil interference .
if i look the pictures : a painter (boring guy?) , a painter drawn as a filthy octopus sefliing his painting , a painter selfiing his comicbook now wearing the mask of death , then a knight apeares to fight (for art ?).
the infinite page is cool , but does it keep every pixel in it , would be nice . if the picture gets too big , and too massy the machine is overload , causes delay (understandably). the former versions had faster respond to pencils move .greeting carypt

Each pict as a reason :

-Boring painter : just a test, no line or idea, that is the only pict without line.
-Selfing octopus + the other (not a mask of death, just the flash burn his face, it’s a joke) : draw it for a competition, a SF comic book ask a pict with a selfie.
-The knight : i draw Link because i like Zelda and a friend ask to me to draw it to print and buy it, same reason for the Jawa and SW
-Infinite page : i don’t understand what you talking about when you say “but does it keep every pixel in it” (i’m french, sorry for my english) ?

To be honnest : what you are talking about ? XD I’m drawing, that’s all, for me or orders, that’s my work, nothing else. :smiley:

“if the picture gets too big , and too massy the machine is overload , causes delay”

I’m testing the limit of my PC. That’s ok for the moment.

Ah, and for Kroenen and Mr Bison : i’m working for an exibithion and the theme is “Bad Guys Wins” so…

That’s realy strange when you talk about “an evil interference”…are you a mormon or some wierd christian ?