Workflow for colouring in?

Hi all,

I’m researching windows apps/software that can be used as digital platforms for that recent craze - Coloring in for adults! Do you use MyPaint to color in line-art? What’s your workflow? Is it easy to use? What problems do you encounter?

Have fun making art!



(A polite request: please let everyone know what your affiliation is, if it’s a formal research project. Thanks! :mortar_board:)

:+1: Sounds like a good topic for discussion. Maybe there are Libre Graphics resources for people wanting to do this? A quick search on OpenClipArt and Wikimedia Commons uncovers quite a few "mandala"s and “coloring” resources.

There’s a wealth of out-of-copyright line art being digitized too: take the British Library’s archives, for example. There’s all sorts of book illustrations and designs there, hopefully tagged now.

How to do this in MyPaint

I guess the goal wouldn’t be to use something as mechanical as the bucket fill tool on linework for this sort of contemplative/meditative pastime! You’d paint within the lines somehow, perhaps in a new layer on top in Multiply mode, if the image you’re colouring in has a white background.

If your goal is tinting old public domain photographs - things already in greyscale - then MyPaint has a very nifty Colourise brush blend mode that I’d encourage you to try out. This one you use directly on the target layer.

It won’t work on pure black/pure white images like the one above though; just stuff with grey shades between the extremes.

Wait, what? “Adult colouring books”?

And just in case anyone’s wondering what this is all about:

Nah this is nothing official I’m just ‘researching’ of my own accord. :slight_smile:

My first impressions of MyPaint are really good. The layers make it easy to control my line art and ‘protect’ it from my dummy colouring hand. Starting a new layer for a new colour is a good idea until I’m happy with it too :slight_smile:

I believe that colouring has been a thing in Anime fan art for some time as well. I’m sure artists like this are around and using MyPaint.

Now just to organise a ‘marketplace’ of sorts for line-art :slight_smile: