Wish mypaint add a recording painting script function. Very useful

Sometime you see a wonderful mypaint masterpiece . You want to know how it was painted. But not every painter recorded their every work. So they couldnt show you how.

So I wish mypaint could add a recording function. Record every stroke, every color picking, every erase, every zoom. We dont need recording a video file. We just need to record the script.

There were other painting software have this function. Such as Opencanvas, Twisted brush, Corel painter. Among them Opencanvas’ recording function is the best, the filesize is very small, and you can pause, accerate, explore to gif.

Its a very useful funciton. And its not impossible to realize. In opencanvas its automatically on. So years latter you still can see your own painting process , stroke by stroke.

a .ora file contains every stroke and the parameters for it (brush settings, etc). I just don’t know if it stores the sequence number or timestamp. I think that’s all you would need to replay.

This is assuming the artist doesn’t do destructive things like flatten layers, etc. .

Yeah, another destructive thing is MyPaint “Smart Layers” like functionality which use an external program like Gimp for Raster Layers, or Inkscape for Vector layers.

In opencanvas the layers manipulate didn’t cause any problem in playback. I dont know how they made it possible, but it is possible.

I sitll hope someday mypaint could add this feature in.

FireAlpaca and Medibang Paint (made by the same company that makes OpenCanvas, Portal Graphics.) also allow you to record your strokes and play them back.

…they do? I use MBP and FA and haven’t heard anything about those features.

How complicated would it be to write conversion from .ora to some sort of video file with a given duration (for speedpainting etc.)? My guess would be something like splitting the list of all strokes in the amount of parts which are equal to the amount of necessary frames. Then iterate over these parts and render a frame at the state of the first/last stroke in each part.

I could use OBS Studio but it would be far less demanding on my system and a lot better quality if MP had it’s own recording system.

To really push interest in MP the general public and digital artists need first and foremost to hear about this program and secondly to see it in action (including in the form of video tutorials).

I have high hopes for MP but having the ability to record both full length video and time-lapse should be regarded as very important features even though few people would need to use them on a regular basis. Those few, however, could have a massive impact on the visibility and potential of MP and so should not simply be dismissed as an unimportant niche group.