Windows users: any problems opening old .ORA files with v1.2.0?

If you’re using Windows out there, and you’ve been using MyPaint since 1.0, have you had any difficulties opening old .ORA files written by it? We have a problem report that could do with some more information:

It looks like a problem with the library we use to open the .PNG files inside it. That’s what’s responsible for the error message. However I’m not sure yet whether it’s a configuration issue at our end or a corrupted file.

I don’t know if this provides more info, but I’ve been working on this one artwork for at least three days and before I updated it, I had this error. I tried to “fix” the error by downloading the update, but the problem still remains. It opens other .ORA files, just not the one I want to open. It says the file is not a zip file and that the source context is missing.

I only remember when I had problem with one of 1.2.0 betas, when it simply couldn’t see old .ORA files from 1.0.
However, that was fixed by simple reinstall.
Right now I’ve got both 1.0 and 1.2.0 installed, and both versions working OK for me.

Found an old image and tried. It opens fine in MyPaint 1.2.0+git.f62444e.dirty 64, Windows 7.
Not sure in what version it was done, the stack.xml inner file reads “<image h=“442” version=“0.0.4” w=“509”>”.

It’s just a very little and simple image with just one layer, though