Why aren't there any transformation/select tools?

Hi i have a question
i got mypaint1.2.0+gitexport.f62444e , its good , but i do not like it because there are no transformation /selection/rotate tools like in krita, to me mypaint is useless ,but it has so much potential, seems very undeveloped .Mypaint could actually become a krita killer ,and that would be the happiest day of my life. Is there a Mypaint admin boss thats gonna make select/tranformation tools very soon ? i was expecting that to be in mypaint, as it is standard in every other drawing application

The main reason is probably because the original developer wanted to emulate drawing on paper/canvas. And when you paint traditionally you don’t have transformation tools.

He has left the project now, and the current maintainers aren’t opposed to transformation tools, but none of them seem to have a particular interest in them either. That’s the way it is with open source software, features appear when a developer finds it interesting to make them.

Here is a discussion about selection tools. It seems to be planned for MyPaint 1.3. I suspect it is less an issue of “interest” but more of priorities, there are simply a lot of open bugs and stuff. And selection is no easy task I guess.

oh Thanks, this was from way back in 2014 , didnt know its been spoken about that long ago, after reading this reply it brought me to the realization that mypaint is has been a dead inactive project for some years now, but i found out a week ago that i can use Mypaint brushes in gimp 2.9.5 , so that actually makes mypaint a totally useless program to develop on since theres already krita and gimp out there which have all the editing tools, the only thing i like in MyPaint is its brushes anyway, other than that its complete garbage since one can use its brushes in gimp these days anyway

I think you misunderstood: The original developer left the project, however there are other people continuing to work on it. Both mypaint and libmypaint get regular commits, but I admit that those take a while to end up in releases… :snail:

As a workaround you can right click on a layer in MyPaint and select “Edit layer in external app” and “update…”. This is the fastest way I know to make more general edits like colour correction or rearranging the composition. MyPaint was based on the idea to offer an easy and intuitive sketching application (this is why selection is an afterthought). Over the time it has grown and has now a few not-so-intuitive-and-hidden features. But they are really awesome for artists, for example the Gamut Mask

Feel free to ask questions if you find MyPaint too coplicated. I am right now in the middle of writing the Documentation. Knowing the hurdles people encounter can help me to address them and write clear instructions.

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