Where to download Windows Alpha Builds of MyPaint?

@odysseywestra I need help downloading my paint, i cant find or figure out where to find it, can you send me a link on where it is so i can download it please?

hello?? Can someone help me download my paint please??

You can grab the latest Windows Alpha Builds from here.


Just select whether build(i686/MINGW32=32bit build or x86_64/MINGW64=64bit build) you are using and navigate to the Artifacts tab to download the exe file.

The builds are updated whenever there is a new commit made on our GitHub repository.

Also as a side note, please just create a new topic instead of replying on an about thread. Those are only for explaining what the category is for.

Be aware, the “latest build” is likely to be a very very beta “Pull Request” with some random feature. Make sure it doesn’t say “Pull Request”, or click “build history” and select one that does NOT say “pull request” on it.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully we can avoid that issue once we get autouploads to bintray or github releases set up.