When I edit a png file, it saves all that creamy-white canvas stuff around as well

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Stated in the title - how do I make mypaint JUST save the actual file, instead of adding all this useless padding around it? There must be something very basic I don’t know about, because this can\t possibly be the desired output for anybody.

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Manjaro LInux, i3

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  1. open an png file
  2. do something to it
  3. save it
    4, bam, suddenly there is added a large canvas around it.
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Hi. That is just the way mypaint handles its infinite canvas. To save/export just a specific area you can use the “Edit Frame” function.
Either use the frame icon in the top toolbar or set a keyboard shortcut to use it before exporting your image.


thank you, that’s very useful!

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