Wacom Tablet - not working outside canvas

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Wacom cursor doesn’t operate outside of the painting area, when clicking outside for colour selection then MyPaint stops operating.

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Found under Help --> About MyPaint

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Ubuntu 18.10
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Gnome 3.30.1
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Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Graphics Tablet - 2012

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Just using the tablet, I’ve tried setting the Devices ‘Use For’ settings and disabling everything else except the Wacom plus all other configs but with no success

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I am not sure this will help your case but i have had issue with stylus not responding in the canvas area while i had gimp along side, all i had to do was remove tablet from the usb port and connect again. Also you can try to download --libmypaint-- from gimp repo only if you have the program.

Cheers, I only have MyPaint running. If I unplug the tablet and reconnect I get access to the canvas again. But it will fail if I click outside the canvas.

have you checked devices under edit>edit preferences, if ‘any task’ doesn’t fix the problem probably set the virtual pointer and mouse to , if that doesn’t wait for some pro to give some advice regarding some driver issues,2012 seems really old

OK - I just checked without the tablet and used the touchpad on my Lenovo laptop. I get exactly the same issue, although it appears this only happens when I go to select the current brush colour swatch at the bottom left. If I choose the other functions etc. at the top and to the right - everything seems ok.

I have just checked which desktop environment I have been running - Ubuntu on Wayland… MyPaint has this problem in this environment - on standard Ubuntu it works fine