Wacom Rotation Stylus support for Windows

I am very fond of mypaint and the way it blends colours.
Was wondering whether we can expect support for the Wacom art stylus so that direction of the brush is
determined by the rotation of the barrel?


This is already implemented in 2.0.0, but I think only a few brushes are set up to use it. The “Barrel Rotation” input allows you to set what the axial rotation should have an effect on. @briend is the resident barrel rotation expert, so he can give better advice on how to use it

thanks @jpll , maybe I am not using the right brushes.
@briend, could you please recommend brushes that use the barrel rotation.

I just updated my “rotation” branch here:


Direct link to zip: https://github.com/briend/Brushes/raw/rotation/Dieterle-Brushes.zip

I hope you are on Linux, as I’m almost certain Windows GDK doesn’t yet support barrel rotation

here’s an old video that shows how you might map rotation to different settings:

I am on Windows unfortunately. Thanks for the video, will check it out.

Edited title to reflect this feature to be on the Windows Builds, but we have to wait on the GDK for Windows to support those inputs.