Wacom Intous 3 and Ubuntu 17.10 issue with My Paint

Description of the Problem, or Question?

I downloaded new 17.10 ubuntu because new computer and old stuff lacking support stuff and wanted to be up to date… however after adding wacom drivers and such still have this issue I go into MY PAINT start a painting and then it says it wants to disable some shortcuts and whether i say yes or no it does this anyhow if I start working and then go to the ink dropper get a color and then go to change the tint of that color in the wheel it then shuts everything down… I have no idea why and I need to get artwork done its my living…

Basic System Details

MyPaint version:

Operating System + Version:

17.10 Ubuntu

Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet: wacom intous 3 can’t give model number its so old its gone

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click eyedropper get color
go to bottom screen where color is click it and opens color wheel
but won’t let me get different tint
and locks up and won’t let me get any color change
help please

Are there any Errors Popping Up? If so, paste the text in the area shown below.

doesn’t give error message it just stops the mouse on laptop cursor and the wacom cursor both don’t work