Wacom cintiq pro 16 not working pen

I have a wacom cintiq pro 16, And I’m just not able to make the pen work. I really love Mypaint, I used a lot with my Intuos pro in the past, but since I upgraded to the cintiq, I’m just not able to make it work.
I can paint with my fingers, and the firts time I opened it with the wacom, I could at least use the pen, without sensibily pressure at least. But now, whenever I attempt to use it, The program just doesnt respond for some seconds… but I’m not able to use either the canvas or the menus with the stylus.

I’m using Windows 10 64 bits home edition, My paint version is 2.0.0-alpha+git.869de4eb

I7 8700 16 gb 1070ti. Tablet works great on any other program, but I do miss Mypaint for sketching and painting quick studies.

Let me know if there’s any version that might work on this tablet and or if I have to set something up to be able to use it.

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Can you see the pen in the list of devices under the second tab of the preferences window?

Have you tested it with an older stable build?

Here’s the win64 installer for 1.2.1