Using Edit with External App Tool with GIMP

My paint has some really cool features that i really love. It’s the most natural digital program for someone like me who came from a pencil/ charcoal background but there are some features missing mostly selection tools. Although I’ve read and understand why they aren’t there I can work around them.

I was looking and there’s the layer’s menu option to edit the layer in an external app. I launch that and make some edits in gimp, can I bring those edits back into mypaint?

Usually, it works when I save it in gimps (it can take a little while for it to show up in mypaint). It pretty much always work when I close down gimp.
But there’s also an “update layer with external edits” entry to manually refresh it.

I’ve tried to save the image in gimp but it still doesn’t update in mypaint.

when I save the image in gimp it will save to a location like this image

but it won’t actually update in mypaint. Even if I press the update layers with external edits. Also when saving it in gimp it saves ast .xcf file maybe that has something to do with it?

I’m using Krita for external edits. I just press ctrl-s and it updates in MyPaint. It should work like that in Gimp too.

Maybe you could try Krita and see if it works, at least until someone who knows why it doesn’t work answers.

You have to use the “Export” or "Save as PNG "option in GIMP since they have XCF as the default format when saving with ctrl+s. How I get around that is that I map the “Overwrite Image…” option in the preferences as Ctrl+Alt+E that way you won’t have to navigate to the menu to export the image.


thank you, exporting worked and now I have a nice workflow going.