Using E to a especific eraser and back to current brush

Currently when we press E, the software changes the current brush to eraser and when we press E again, it returns to the current brush in paint mode.

It would be possible to press E, go to a specific eraser and when we pressing E again, return to the current brush???

I already read here in this forum to use E with one of the brush slots (CRTL + E, for example), but if I press E for the second time, will not return to the brush I was using - I would continue with the eraser, instead the brush.

(sorry for my English … trying to explain with brush names to make it easier: if I’m using the CLASSIC / MARK FAT brush and press E, I would go to DEEVAD/LARGE HARD EREASER and when I press E again, I would go back to CLASSIC/MARK FAT)

Windows 10 #2004
MyPaint 2.0.1

Rebinding E to restore a brush instead of flipping the eraser mode means that there is no simple logical flip action.

You could hypothetically change the behavior of all restore-brush actions so that when invoked a second time, it would restore the previous brush in the history, but that comes with its own set of complications.

I think this would be best solved by adding a simple brush history action that can be bound to a key - similar to the color history.

Yes, a “switch to last brush” or “brush history” key mapping for fast switching would be good!
I use the “save/restore brush number” mappings, but an dynamic mapping for last brush could improve the workflow for some people.

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