Update on our AppImage builds

Here is an update on the state of our AppImage builds.

Gtk themes should now work without requiring adjusting system settings, and will also respect user settings (found in the view tab in preferences). The built-in Adwaita (light and dark) theme is used unless explicitly overridden by setting the GTK_THEME environment variable (the theme must be compatible with gtk 3.22).

The small set of Gtk icons we need are now bundled as well, so there should be no placeholder images
on systems that don’t have those icons installed.

Gtk locale files are now bundled for all locales we have translations for (if those locales are supported by gtk that is). This means that file-related dialogs will be properly translated, and that right-to-left locales will work correctly. This required bundling a patched version of libgtk to support non-static locale paths.

On the CI-side of things, new appimages are now built on pushes (if they past the CI tests) to the mypaint master branch and uploaded to these rolling prereleases:
Latest Build
Last 5 Builds

If you have any problems with the new builds, don’t hesitate to say so, whether here or on github (in the mypaint repo issues). I have only tested them on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04 (and they are built on centos7, so should presumably work on fedora and related distros).

Edit: There is an issue with running the new appimages on wayland, caused by the custom lib (which I built on an X11-only system… whoops). This should be fixed by the end of the week (probably sooner). The images will still run, but window borders will not show, and resizing does not work (except for switching to fullscreen).
Edit 2: This was easier than I thought, and is now fixed. Images will be updated on the next push - note that dialogs still don’t work correctly on wayland and will freeze input, so users on wayland-by-default systems will have to use xorg-mode for mypaint a little while longer. At least the appimages will be fully functional on wayland once we have those fixes.
Edit 3: After a subsequent fix, images should now work fine on Wayland systems (by using XWayland by default).

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