Unwanted Brush Trails

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I installed MyPaint successfully. When tried to use the brushes they work fine but a trail of semi-transparent rectangles build up behind the cursor as it moves across the canvas. After a while they disappear and everything looks fine. How do I get rid of these annoying trailing rectangles?

Basic System Details

MyPaint version:
MyPaint 1.2.1

Found under Help --> About MyPaint

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Windows 10
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Use the MS Pen that comes with my Surface Book. Also happens with mouse. Problem happens only in MyPaint.

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Don’t know. I’ve not seen this problem before. MyPaint appears to work absolutely fine except for the trailing rectangles chasing the cursor along the brush stroke.

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Can you try Help–>Debug–>No Double Buffering?

Also, you might want to download an Windows alpha build to see if that fixes it. It looks like this is the latest successful build:

Many thanks. Problem resolved.

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