Undo one stroke instead of two! :D

IMO MyPaint would be significantly better if we could undo one pencil stroke at a time instead of “undo” undoing two strokes at a time. :grin:
Virtually every drawing program works this way (undo one stroke at a time) and I feel it makes more sense like this! (At least as an optional setting in case some people prefer two?).
When I undo two strokes at a time, it’s frustrating because I only intended to undo the latest stroke not the last two strokes. This is especially the case when frequently I must do fast, smooth curved lines.

I have no idea how difficult it is for the developers to add this but it would make it much more useable for me (and I suspect others too). I consider MyPaint to be the faster smoother alternative to Krita especially for those with less beefy computers.

Sorry if this has already been implemented in the latest version? (I have not been able to install the latest for some reason, so I must use an older version like MyPaint 1.2).

It seems very unlikely but if anyone has any news about future plans to fix this or implement this feature, (or maybe an experimental fork…) let me know.