80yrs old newbie.

Can get color palette up fine no prob However, have found about four or five pen application selections don’t work is this normal or a fault.
Thanks is advance

Hello, it depends on what “don’t work” means. For example, some of the brushes are smudge-brushes, meaning that you wouldn’t get any result by using them on an empty canvas.

Which brushes in particular is it that you have trouble with?
If you place your mouse cursor above a brush icon, a tooltip will appear. The first line of that tooltip is the name of the brush.

Thanks for your response sorry mine is late.
will do a list.of the box selections staring with Ramon, Ramon2 etc which shows top of boxes page as title/ brush? will list what doesn’t work (on pale blue background colour as per your suggested smudges don’t show on white canvas)
it will be left to right. E.g. Row1 Box 4 as R1. b4 I’ll do this today.

Think I’m grasping it with half white and half mid blue background colour.