Tool Selection (Eraser / Pen(Brush....)) via EV_MISC. What is possible

Hi, I am supporting a driver for the Bosto Tablet. I do what I can. Anyway the question is quite straight forward. My own tablet is a very simple unit. No buttons, just a stylus, it does however recognise in the hardware if I have brought the stylus into proximity with the pen-end or with the eraser-end. Currently none of the apps (Gimp, MyPaint, Krita etc) have any support for this AFAIK.
Now the reason I say AFAIK, is this… In my driver code when I detect a tool in proximity I report the tool type via a Kernel event EV_MISC, I send a hard coded value 0x02 for the PEN and 0x0A for the ERASER. This Valuator can be seen in X11 apps, but nothing seems to respond.
If someone could point me at the correct part of your code, I would like to see how and what you do with this data. It would be great if I could get this simple function to work. I know this is a common feature on many generic Tablets and I’m kinda surprised that nothing works. I suppose some ‘standard’ would be a good idea. But I have to say I don’t think we should be letting Wacom dictate what is standard. I cant afford one and I’m sure I’m not alone.

So we have an excellent framework within Linux for event devices, a working and clear evdev driver into X11, I see no reason why we can’t get these simple and inexpensive devices to work well with opensource code.

I just need pointing in the right direction.

Slight correction. I just tried the testing branch and I notice that when I use the eraser I cant draw with it, but using the pen does draw. So somewhere you must be looking at the EV_MISC value as it is the only thing different. So what value do you want to see to enable the eraser?