Tip "ssh x11 forward"

MyPaint work great with ssh x11 forward, I mean great. (private network)
The picker need time to think, but not painting.

Reference: 3695x6129 px
Ora file 74Mb
35 layers
54,0 mbps Wireless

The image is workable on my laptop 2 core 1.73GHz, 2Gb ram.
But with ssh x11 forward it’s fucking awesome.

Login: ssh -X -C -c blowfish-cbc,arcfour user@ip.ad.re.ss -p22

How to speed up X11 forwarding in SSH

( ssh x11 forward=you can start an application, but not all , in the terminal from the client, on the SSH server and it pop up on the client. And you use the server CPU and memory)

Gimp works great to.

heh. Being minimal about screen updates really does pay off… :grin:
Interesting to know that it feels sort-of OK without any Cairo accel.

Nice hint with the blowfish-cbc suggestion. However I can’t advise anyone to make the system-wide config change that weakens security, or to turn X forwarding on by default. Both are REALLY BAD ideas from a security perspective.

If you trust both ends and the entire network between them right now though, using a few extra command-line parameters for a one-off connection while arting is fine.

The picker might be, um, quicker in v1.2.0 than before for technical reasons. Was this the version you tested with? I’d be interested to get your opinion of how it deals with whole-canvas updates too. The most important whole-canvas update for users is probably panning around the screen.

MyPaint Version: 1.2.0-alpha.20150610+git.f74d988

security perspective…

I don’t use SSH over Internet, only on the private network. So in the firewall only my 192.168.xx.xx and domain name and some other roles has access to SHH. And all the ports is in stealth mode.Every computer has their own firewall with hard roles for the private network.

And I only use x11 forward when I need it. So if they scan some RGB code and brush stroke, I can take it.

But it’s a good thing that you bring it up.

Very very good.
Undo (ctrl+z, not in the menu), picker and slider in HSVbox can be slow.

But when I go over from local MyPaint to SSH MyPaint, I do that because I have problem with local MyPaint (large file), so it’s always better. Surprisingly better.
So my reference is a local slow MyPaint (large file).

I must say MyPaint is very very low In memory and CPU usage. Thumbs up.

Seriously,a remote MyPaint, you are halfway there.

Is stylus pressure an issue at all? I’ve found using a tablet with pressure even in a virtualized XP on the same machine is a bit of a pain (although that might be due to limitations in Virtualbox)

He mentioned in the email thread that tilt/pressure work fine. I’m going to try it soon. I agree using drawing software in a VM is not a good experience for some reason, but I suppose sending input data over a network is a much simpler task

My SSH utopia are from Linux to Linux (Ubuntu Studio 15.10)
Read: same OS on both ends.

The virtual OS in VM, are mostly not the same as the host OS.

When a program starts up I get a lot of error in the command tool. If it fails I get “core dumped” and get my prompt back. If it’s work the program pops up.

I can’t for example not run Blender ( could do earlier, if it is my settings or the version of Blender, I don’t know)

Working: Krita (but really bad, large file), Gimp. MyPaint, file managers, web browsers, Synaptic…

All program give error message in the command tool.
Like: WTF is this,???