This Art Showcase Contains Cute

Some of my works done with Mypaint, with a little help from Gimp and Krita:

P.S. I wasn’t sure whether or not there’s a limit to the total filesize or number of image attachments in a single post. Sorry if I went a little overboard here!


Awesome work you have there @Jdan-S. Thanks for the warning of cuteness. Now I shall die in happiness. ^^’

Besides that, there is no limit on how many images you can upload in a single single post. Just the attatchment size limit. Personally for me I just upload one image per post cause I would just want feedback on that one image. Plus since Discourse supports linking topics I can just link my artwork together.

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I am curious of how you made lines so smooth in MyPaint? My lines are always shaked in MyPaint, :). what brushes are you using to paint these works?

For inking, I use the Deevad/Pen brush that’s adjusted to draw fine lines:

I do most of the curves using the straight line tool plus the bending feature introduced in MyPaint 1.1. Basically, I draw individual lines and bend them by holding shift. It helps keep the longer curves looking very smooth and neat!

It’s hard to explain the technique, and it might be better to make a detailed tutorial/demonstration if I find time. Though @davidrevoy has a guide on his site that explains MyPaint 1.1’s features when it was released. His overview on line modes might help:


I guess I got your point, :). Thank you so much for sharing this technique to me! I will give it a try - maybe you will see my works with the technique you taught me soon, :smiley:

This is really nice work!