The State of MyPaint.Org

As many of you may have read from @mypaintapp on twitter, our previous host provider for both the mypaint website and the forums went dark a few weeks ago. No one could get into the servers to at least backup what we lost. Instead we decided to host mypaint on github pages and use Jekyll to generate our site. We have been working at recovering a lot missing data. The majority of data was recovered thanks to Andrew Chadwick work with searching in Google cache files. David Revoy also had a backup of the previous website’s theme. That good cause we could utilized the image assets it has and incorporate them in the new one. We almost have everything we need, but we still have a good ways to go before the site is ready.

The one thing we do need pretty soon is artwork for the new site. If any mypaint user would like their artwork made in mypaint on dedicated our art gallery page, please go our our this issue thread in our github issue tracker. I will post what we would need in order to use you artwork on that thread as well momentarily after this is posted. Just keep in mind, it will probably need to be in a creative commons licenses to be compatible with our site.

As stated above we also lost our forums as well. With no chance of recovering the site, we had to rebuild that one as well. Luckily, we were able to get a sponsor whom will upfront the cost to run a Discourse server on Digital Ocean. His name Noah Chelliah who is a business owner of Altispeed. They’re an Linux IT Solutions company which specialize from home automation to network deployments. Noah is also the co-host of Jupiter Broadcasting’s Linux Action Show, so you may have heard of him. I met him personally during LinuxFest Northwest 2015 last April and he is an interesting guy to talk to. He is passionate about all things Linux and he will do anything in his power to get you to switch. So we thank you Noah for your part in helping support the MyPaint Community.

There are still a lot of things that need done like gather information, page creation, and designing the site in due time. Our goal is to at least have the website ready and relaunched by the end of the year. With Discourse We should be ready sometime next week so stay tuned for that. If you would like to help us with the website, or our Discourse site, head over to its issue tracker on Github. We appreciate all help even if it just mock-ups, suggestions or simple grammar corrections. We also need help with getting the final push to translating both libmypaint and MyPaint iself. For more information, please visit this post on our site.

From all of us at the MyPaint Community, Thank you.

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Please love
backup, backup, backup
put it on a stick for safe keeping
when your working with computers
make it your mantra

There are few certainties in life
there are always bugs, hardisk to small, losing precious data
the government is always spying
and your going to die someday

I made it a habit to backup all the data i want to keep
the world is an ever changing place, Its like an ocean
if you don’t backup your losing things

for now, we all do or best to fill the place up,
a nice curtain here and there, coffee in the corner
O yes and never ask me for simple grammar corrections
you don’t want that :wink:

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the issue tracker links aren’t working. I assume they’re some internal link format that is supposed to redirect to github.

Thank you for pointing that out. The links should be fix now.

The link leading to the main tracker page works now, thanks. The first one does not (http://mypaint.orgmypaint/ I get a 404 when adding a slash after ‘org’, and get sent to the index page if i remove what looks like it could be an extra ‘mypaint’. I don’t understand the part at the end of the url…is that a typo, or a hypertext feature specific to these forums?

That’s the name of the GitHub project containing our website. Site hosting on GitHub is a little strange, but nice, and it means we don’t have to pay for it:money_with_wings:

Anyone can fork and send pull requests on the website project. Site issues can be reported on its issues tracker.