Tagging Support on our Community Forums

I plan on adding tagging support to our Community forums to not only make searching easier, but also simplify the categories you can post to. I plan to add it by the end of the week so please don’t be alarm if you see a dramatic change in how our community forms are organized. Before I make the switch, I need your guy’s input on what major categories we should have. I do have a basic structure of it will could look like in corresponding github issue in the link down below.


Thank you for your time and I’ll appreciate any feedback you may have on this.

Okay I just finished enabling tagging support and restructuring our category hierarchy to accommodate it. So a lot of topic were moved around in the process so I apologize if I spammed your notifications. However with a taggings system in place, it should make our Forums much easier to navigate and manage.

I’ve also added a new category for User Support which should make it easier to get your questions answered. Plus it’s help our General Conversation category be less cluttered.

Everyone with a Trust_Level one or above should be able to add tags to any topic however they are limited to only five tags. So please choose wisely with what tags match your thread. Also only those with trust_level 3 or above can create new tags. So if you want a tag added to our forms, just PM me.

Lastly, I’ve also added and enabled the Discourse Solved plugin which will help those requesting user support to select which post help answer their question. You can find it under the thread post if you click on the 3 dot icon to expand your options.

Okay that about sums up what been happening on our site. If you have an feedback or questions about this change, reply to this thread and I’ll answer your questions as soon as I’m able to. Cheers!

P.S. I forgot to mention that some of the tags only staff can add such as announcment, faq, needs_info, forum_feedback, and a few others. So don’t be surprise if you can’t add it to your post.

Minor typo needs correcting: fourm_feedback forum_feedback.

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Hey Guys, I’ve changed the TL levels required to add tags to posts. I’ve moved them down to TL1, however there is still a 5 tag limit to reduce spamming.