Surface Pro glitches with Windows

Continuing the discussion from MyPaint 1.2.0 Released!:

The UI is great and works really well on my PC, however I’m having problems on my Surface Pro, the pen creates weird strokes and menus seem to not automatically respond to the pen. The really old version of Mypaint works fine on the Surface Pro. Is anyone else having issues?

I guess you’re using Windows? We’ve had a few reports of weirdness with on Windows with that system, but I haven’t been able to do anything about it effectively due to not owning any of the needed hardware. Having to balance Surface Pro needs with what a Huion device needs while still retaining Wacom support is… interesting.

You’d be right in saying that this is an upstream issue.

If you can, it would be brilliant if you could compare the release version to the latest Github master (or more accurately compare the latest MSYS2 GDK with the older GDK bundled with MyPaint 1.2.0). You’ll have to build it yourself, but there’s decent technical documentation in the repository for doing that now.

There is a bounty available for fixing the pressure sensitivity issue now! :moneybag: