Super realistic brushes anyone?

I’ve been looking and looking for a super realistic brush to use, but I can’t find any good ones. I’ve checked the brush packages on the download website, I’ve searched for it on Google, but I haven’t come across something I like. If there is a brush that actually looks and acts like a real paintbrush with streaks and overlap, then someone please let me know. Thanks a bunch!


Well, myPaint’s brush engine is quite powerful and offers o lot of freedom for custom brushes… But it is also a bit simple compared to dedicated “realistic” painting applications:

The color is applied one dab (= one ellipse or circle) at a time. They all add up to the brush stroke. While you can scatter little dabs to make some “textured” brush it is impossible (or very hard at least) to simulate / keep track of real bristles. Right now there are also no functions to “post-process” all dabs of a stroke after it is painted (afaik), which you would need for watercolor. There are also no paint thickness, no brush shapes and no bitmap textues. So a reeeaally super realistic brush is not easy to make.

I know a couple of (not too costly) applications that are dedicated to real simulation: ArtRage(Oil and similar stuff) and Rebelle (Watercolor simulation). Surprisingly Microsofts free Fresh Paint app is full of features too: tilt, pigment smear, paint thickness…

myPaint has a more general and lightweight approach.

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