Super heros

Hi everyone, So now you guys have to make any super hero you want or you can create a new superhero and have fun. red :woman_superhero: :woman_superhero:

Hmm, OK. Titania. Age 26. Hispanic.
Super strength, but only to a mild degree, lifting a car off someone with fair ease but not throwing, and lifting the back end of a truck with effort, and super durability comparable to a bullet resistant vest, though all over and through her body. The latter actually makes strength training more difficult. However, since she ‘claimed’ the name Titania, some local fae think she is ‘their’ Titania, which can be both a great benefit and a great hindrance depending on how well she can communicate her needs.


Looks nice!

Despite being moderately super I think she deserves to have a bit of shadow on the ground too. :wink:

Heh, thanks, and, yeah, perhaps. Was mostly concentrating on just the design with this one. Good point though.