Sub menus or detached canvas

I have been using mypaint for ages now and find it brilliant. The set up I use is to connect a projector to my laptop, move mypaint onto the projector screen. Then (using Zorin 9 in MacOS mode) have all the brush window, colour triangle window and layer window on the laptop screen along with the menu which appears on the laptop window manager screen (must be a feature of the macos look).

This allows me to do demonstration artwork ‘on the fly’. (Really good for church services)

However, on v1.2 the sub menus is gone, also I cannot find the colour wheel triangle.

Is there any way that I can use the later versions of mypaint to achieve this set up?

The triangle (GtkHSV) has been replaced with a colour square (and circle) selector. GtkHSV will not becoming back: it’s heavily deprecated upstream, and breaks sidebar resizing.

Thank you for replying. The choosing of colours is unimportant as there are such a wide variety of other ways. The main feature that I am missing is being able to separate the controls from the canvas, like the loss of the sub menus when in full screen mode.

I don’t understand what you mean, sorry.

Try pressing the tab key if you want to see the normal UI in fullscreen mode.

In version 1.1 it is possible to set the canvas to full screen and open the brush selection window, the layer window and colour dialog window separated from the canvas. This allows the canvas to be moved to a 2nd monitor or projector keeping the selections on the primary display.

Now in v1.2 the selection windows are locked to the canvas as one view.

Is there any way to separate the selection dialogues from the canvas similar to that of gimp.?

Mypaint is brilliant with the customised brushes and is a really good program for demonstrating digital art creation without the distraction of menu and selections being made.during the demonstration.

I think I understand now, thanks!

It is supported.

You can click and drag on the tab icon, then move it into the centre of the screen, or onto the second monitor. However there are a few glitches related to “floating dock windows” keeping their place on a second monitor when MyPaint is restarted on Windows.

That’s great, I have found that during full screen mode on the second monitor, I can have the colour, layer and brush group on my primary monitor. Almost there. Now I need to blank out the top menu bar and the bottom status bar, just leaving the drawing area in isolation.
If only it were possible to detach those or detach the drawing area, this would be the perfect solution. I believe that someone has already asked how to hide those top and bottom bars.