Star Trek Tribute

I wanted to do something as a tribute, I am using the standalone 0.90 for some reason all others crash on me or won’t open. I have played with the brushes which are awesome btw. So l thank you for your hard work on the brushes. I want to make one that creates more human hairy legs and back hair, it’s been a trial and error thing and honestly more error than I care to admit. young%20spock


I love this program it’s just awesome so it’s not a big deal about using the later version.

What Star Trek series is this from, the new Discovery series or an older one?

I watch Star Trek a lot, the original series, the Next Generation series, and Enterprise. Do not recognize this character yet a lot of episodes and cannot remember all, never seen any of the Discovery episodes if this character is related to that series.

Image looks good, highlights accentuate the foreground image, and you have the right idea of blurring the background images creating the focal point you want the viewer to be directed to upon first view.

It’s from the Reboot films I think.