Spotty brushes

What MyPaint brush or brushes would you use to paint the hair like in this painting?

Portrait of woman.

Not painted by me, originally found here.

I think the Anti brushes would work well for this.

And for the broad, dotted brushes: I’d say simply small radius + jitter works okay. And can easily be refined with opacity/smudge/pressure etc. Some of the default brushes could work:

And if you need a brush that is even closer to “broad, flat brush with spotty texture inside” it get’s a bit more advanced:

The basic idea is to use half the dabs (or more) to build a second (or more) brush that gets combined into the first. The caveat in this special case: Eraser erases everything, not just the newest stroke. But this can be prevented with layers.

Here is that brush as a zip that can be imported in myPaint and will show up as “SpottedBrush” group, so you can look at and modify those settings. Also note the notes.

Oh and I forgot, if you have the tumagonx built from here:

You can use “Angular Offset 2” (aka Angular Mirrored) with Random to get a broad stroke of small dabs, without the falloff from Jitter…

Oh, well there is also the option to use a smooth broad brush first and then go over it with a spotty eraser to add texture…

I would love to have a brush that works like that.

My question is can .abr be converted to .ora?