Some questions about (Spanish) translations


I was doing a bit of translation for the app on the Weblate page, and I have some doubts.

Is there any place to talk with other translators, to maybe discuss and agree on some base guidelines for translating the program?
Would this be a good place to do that? Or is there a way to communicate with them directly from Weblate, besides dropping comments?

Is there someone officially in charge of particular translations? Or is it just what I’ve been doing, jump in and start writing?
I’ve been changing some things, and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or impose anything.

Also, I started adding to the glossary (which was empty, probably because there weren’t many people translating?). Adding things to the glossary might give the impression it’s something already decided upon, so I do that with some care.

Finally, there are some strings that use {files_summary} and similar, which can result in plural or singular strings. Do I understand correctly that there’s no way to change the text depending on the number?
Say for instance you are translating “Loaded {files_summary}.”.
In Spanish (and other languages) there needs to be agreement in number for most possible translations: “Cargado(s) {files_summary}.”; “Se carg[ó/aron] {files_summary}.”; “{files_summary} cargado(s).” etc.

Hi, first of all: thanks for helping out with the translation effort!

Tagging the other translators in comments (using @username-here) is probably the best way to get in touch with them, but depending on their notification settings, they may not see those tags right away (or at all). If they use a ‘real’ email address for their account, those will show up in the git log when their translations are merged. I will PM you a list based on it.

Additionally, the special string translator-credits should be edited by the translators themselves if they want to be credited for their work in the application*. Translators can put their email there as well.

Other than that, my advice would be to not worry too much about toe-stepping. Even if you make extensive changes, only later to be contacted by whoever made the original edits/translations and they have a persuasive argument for why the original structure was the way it was, you can contact me (or anyone else with commit-rights) to revert the changes without having to do it manually through the web interface.

At any rate, I think using the glossary is really good. Even if you add an entry that, say, is not the best translation for a particular term - if the translation is used consistently for that term, it should be easy to update the affected strings, if a better translation is decided upon.

As for the plural/singular thing, that is an oversight when those translation strings were written. Do point them out in weblate in a Source String Comment and tag me (jplloyd), and I’ll see about fixing them.

*There is an extensive translator comment on that string explaining how it should be formatted, and the result ends up in the ‘About MyPaint’ Dialog (in the Help menu).

Thank you and the dev team for making and maintaining this awesome program!
It’s really easy to jump in and start adding translations with this set-up.

(BTW, I didn’t understand how to add translations to the documentation on Github, but that deserves a different thread)

And thanks to the other translators, most of the work was already done :wink:

I still charged through it, to be honest.
But besides toe-stepping, but it’s also to avoid inconsistencies and duplicated effort. I’ll try to get in touch with the other(s).

I first wanted to make sure I wasn’t being obtuse, and missing a better way to handle it (I have no real previous experience translating apps). But will do!

Thanks a lot!