Slider-less adjustments >> prefer incremental

I will say that since using the hot keys this is no longer a bit deal for me at all
it could be a first impression improvement though minor.

I would like to click by increments and see a current value shown. so 6 buttons instead of a slider.
-35ts -10pts -1pt [VALUE] +1pt +10pt +35pts
or maybe 1pt 12 pts and S for show slider (once slider is shown you only can click once to select then it will return to the buttons) if you didn’t land where you wanted just press s again.
I find slider is great for large size differences not small.

I would also make everything to intergers fractions could always be inserted by way of typing.

would be nice. as an option of course.

Oh so just an option to set how much it increase or decreases? Right now it hardset to increase or decrease .30 for example with the radius. So yeah this would be a nice option to have in preferences.

One thing I really like is programs that give you increments of opacity settings as key commands on the number keys. It’s a standard thing across many programs. It probably comes from Photoshop. You can then very quickly change to an exact opacity but make a large jump instead of waiting for a continuous single key press or adjusting a slider. Opacity is the most useful thing to set to keys because brush size can change totally depending on the resolution you work at. This is why these key commands exist in other programs.