Set Custom Zoom Levels


In EDIT | PREFERENCES we have just 4 options to default zoom (we cant change manually - just select)…

Is there any way to set another value??? Fo example I want to open MyPaint with default zoom in 75% or 80% or 85% (still choosing the best value for me)

Thanks a Lot

Windows 10
MyPaint v2.0.1

Sadly those set options are the only ones available atm. I for one would like to see this as well in MyPaint. I’ve move your thread to Feature Requests and changed the title to match it appropriately.

Is There some .PY that I can change manually to fix/get the initial/default zoom in 82% ???

The values are defined in a liststore in an xml file named
Search for the string default_zoom_level_liststore and you’ll find it. That system should be refactored, to be honest, but that probably won’t happen for 2.1.0.

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Manually I added the desired zoom in " `" and in the EDIT PREF menu I set 85% as my default zoom (

For now it saved my jobs in mathematics…