Select and move part of an image

Hello! Thanks for the very cool application! I like it!
I’m using MyPaint’s version 2.0.0 on OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 with tablet XP-Pen G430S.

I have a question about the usage function for edit pictures.

I want to select a part of a picture and move the selection to a new location.
Is there a way to do it?


Sort of.

If your selection is on several layers, create a new layer from visible. (right click on the layers to get that option)

Erase all but the area you want to move.

The use the Reposition Layer tool to move your selection to the new location.

Thank! I will try this way

Did you get it to work?

There’s an easier way than copying + deleting, its mentioned on the other discussion about selection, it makes use of “destination in/out” layers. I’ve added a similar response there and documented my own workflow at github document selection workflow · Issue #1240 · mypaint/mypaint · GitHub so maybe it can be communicated better in the future.

What I’m doing is creating a new paint layer, switch it to “destination out” mode and paint on it with a thick opaque brush to “select” something, but since its a layer of its own its not permanent (yet) and I can review the selection by switching the mode to see exactly what I selected (“destination in”) or what I covered (normal mode) if its important for fine details.

Once I’ve drawn my “selection” this way I can use the layer visibility toggles together with “create new layer from visible” context menu to capture the “destination in” view into (which displays just the selection) into a new layer where it can be manipulated on its own. I can keep it on its own layer or merge it back after editing.

If I want to erase the selection from the original layer I use the “destination out” mode, toggle the visibility aprropriately and merge the selection into the original layer.

PS: might need to turn off background rendering while using “create layer from visible” or you may get black artifacts