Schedule for python3-ready mypaint release

Hi Community and Maintainers.

Are there plans to make release of mypaint with python3 support? Python 2.7 end of life is approaching and Linux distributions are cleaning up their package bases from python2 packages. Last release of mypaint (1.2.1) was about year and half ago. Are there any plans to make another release? I know that there are nightly builds, but they are not suitable for packaging in the distributions.

I didn’t managed to find any roadmap for python3 support.

I would like to know more about this topic too. So far i found an entry about this in mypaint’s project page on github: as well as this issue:

Are all the remaining problematic areas in the current Python code already known / listed somewhere by any chance?

There is quite a bit of progress by @achadwick. We just need people to test and report the issues. I filed this bug recently:
Should be a matter of just running python3 AFAIK :slight_smile:

Thanks. Good to know. Found link to milestone at the ticket you have mentioned: