Saving as jpeg

Green as grasss when it comes to technical and New to my paint, seems I have a lot to learn before creating a master piece😁 My problem is emailing an image of a painting saved to laptop the Huion is connected to Saving to laptop no problem. Trying to email is another, obviously not recognized even though i have copied to photos it doesn’t show when trying to attach it to an email. On laptop. pictures the saved show images as .ora How to convert/ save as a jpeg file so it can be sent in email.

Click Save As . . . under File and then By extension (prefer default format) to bring a small menu with the other options. I personally like to save stuff as PNG when it’s time to share and then convert to JPEG in IfranView or similar program, since it gives me more control over the level of compression and other details. The JPEG conversion native to MyPaint I find is rather oddly noisy with more artifacts than I would expect for 90%.

Instead of “Save As…” I would strongly suggest using “Export…”, but otherwise follow the instructions of @The_Occupant

If you use “Save As…” with any format but OpenRaster, subsequent saves will only save the flattened image, meaning that you will lose all information about layers, stroke data, etc. unless you “Save As…” again, to an OpenRaster image.

We should probably add a warning about that when trying exit the program in such a state.