Review of mypaint .

For me, mypaint is almost ideal paint program . . Very new to painting, on PC . . There are very few buttons, it’s sort-of simple to use, somewhat simple to remember, and, getting some overview, is also easy . . Tried Krita, was super - complex, I ended up choking bec. of the complexity . . mypaint has that simplicity, and, for lack of better word, is almost as if MS Paint, was also for illustrators, like ’ good ’ art, or so . .

mypaint is beginner - friendly, also, quite good for being productive, one can make amazing things . . I only hope to see it get more of that, and, perhaps a few expert features, hidden away in menus, for some super - pro stuff . .

If there’s any negative, it is that some of the very best brushes, say water - color from Krita, that is VERY cool, really looks, or ‘works’ similar traditional painting stuff, isn’t there . . I’d also like something like ’ shear ', or so . . However, mypaint is a PAINT program, it’s perhaps a brush - engine, rest is up to the artist . . Can’t really fault mypaint anything, and I hope the devs keep making that, adding to it cautiously, where possible . .

One thing I’d like, was a sort-of auto-frame, on start-up, so for instance there was an area, that was say 1920x1080, so one could see the ‘frame’, not as a toggle, just default open screen . . It makes it bit easier to overview what one works on . . Sort-of, I’m not an artist, and, mypaint is the ’ painting ’ program I’ve been looking for, super - easy, not many bells-and-whistles, easy to learn, and, doesn’t take so long, to re-learn, ie. after long break, one day want to paint a little, takes 5 - 10 minutes, one is working . . I love the simplicity, how it’s for lack better word, photoshop, but for non - artists . . It’s almost like MS Paint, in some ways, that I also use, etc . .

I think mypaint is an important niche program, that sort-of simple, accessible illustration, or concept software . . However, I do feel some of the better brushes in other programs, if they could be added, would make it better . . Question is how, etc . .

Overall, mypaint is amazing, I hope they stay true to the vision, and, make it better / add more cool stuff, so on . . .

Something that could make it better for me, was if in settings, was a setting to auto - make a frame, etc . . Perhaps just a setting, to start mypaint with a DEFAULT settings, a default start - up something, like perhaps Blender . . It’d make mypaint bit more custom, while, being quite cool . .

How I’d like the default program to look . . It’s a bit more classy, and, one is going right away . . Having such a default start-up, perhaps in some settings, setting a few default stuff, is a feature, that could help me . .

The infinite canvas is amazing, I’d think about this, one could mix stuff besides canvas, colors, make sketches, etc . . It’s like it’s a bit more ’ painter ’ start-up, looks also #classy . . . The infinite canvas is a big feature, but one almost never needs that, for actual paintings, at all . . It’s just nice to have . . Having this, I think might make it better, make perhaps slightly simpler, etc etc

Also, I see some other programs, have say a button, that sort-of opens a menu, to access say certain brushes . . In mypaint, it’s either one has a dock open, or not . . It can perhaps clutter the interface . . Not sure how it’d look, if there was a button, or icon, one might click, then it opens the palette, one selects a color, it then goes away, while it’s a bit weird, is actually good for productivity, also allows one to get rid of some panels, result, more space to paint, etc etc

This is sort-of the worst example, sorry . . .

There’s this set of icon, one can click, then the palette opens, after clicking a color, it disappears, or, there’s a wink, to quickly select a specific color, then, back to painting . . It’s one of those things I’d like to see mypaint try and make, in a way that fits the program . . So, one can get rid of say an entire panel, have some hovering button, click it, one can select a color, when one clicks on canvas, or so, it disappears . . Sort-of icons, that make it quick to access certain features, goal is to reduce clutter, and, also improve speed . .

As always, how to add this to mypaint, if possible, in the best way, is the big question . . It’s sort-of for speeding up finding stuff, and, getting rid of panels, etc etc

Here’s the idea . . Having a sort-of set of fast - access buttons . .

One can click with mouse, or pen . . The palette is there, one can click a color, it disappears, or after clicking a color, when one clicks on canvas, it disappears, or there’s a ’ wink ', or so, etc . . One could remove an entire panel, have some more room to paint, it’d be esp. nice if was a android version . .

mypaint is amazing, I think one could add a slight ’ premium ’ feel, while keeping it way it is, sort-of that, wow, now I feel like painting, while, keeping it simple, so on . . .

In above example, it’s just a small hovering panel, with buttons, to quick-open the palette, perhaps brush settings, or, for artistic people, brushes, sort-of one can custom - set, the icons . . .

Hopefully, it’d make mypaint a bit more #classy, also, appeal to more people . . #premium #experience #simple #easy-to-learn . .

Also, this might make it easy, to make a full tablet version, if one could remove one of the panels, it’d finally work, on a small screen . . One could also add a line, of icons at the bottom, sort-of hot-key buttons . .

Having such a line of icons, for opening palette, one could set certain colors, if one worked on limited palette, etc . . Remove most of interface, and, it’d work for even android tablets . . It’d just be icon - sized bar, at the bottom, or top, with quick - access icons, to remove panels . . If it could be also customize, one could maybe right-click a brush, add to ’ access bar ', or so . . It’d be easier to see the screen, key settings, so on, might be easier to use, and, make it easier to work also in 1080p, where the panels take ton, of space, so on . . .

The problem is, the interface is very big, for the program . . .


One ends up having almost no space, to make any art, hope mypaint can get some of this, and, finally get a tablet, or android version . .

Sorry, for several posts, here’s an idea . .

For instance, one could add a type of brush, or, have the palette be that way, just a bar, similar to a panel, that’s across screen . . It’d get rid of half the panels, esp. nice for working on smaller screens, perhaps an android mypaint :-OOO

It’s basically just, technically a different type, of panel, fast - access bar, etc . .

Not sure way to add this, it’d make mypaint easier to work in, esp. on smaller screens, one could even make it so, one could scroll across a bar, by clicking a button, on either side, sort-of arrows . . So, one could have ton of icons, in just one row . . The IDEA is semi - good, problem is, how to add it, the pro - coders, should have final say . . If it’s even good idea, hope one day get android version, have Samsung S7+ . . #best #ever #paint . . . .

To make it PRO, one could even have so, user can select add five icons, then a vertical split, a bigger bar between icons, to help read it . .

I’d use it, esp. on my 1080p screens, make mypaint much more useful . .

There are small gaps, between some of brushes, bit tough to see . . .

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great words!I consider MyPaint it the greatest!thank you for your thoughts

Thx, hope mypaint can get things, new features, etc . . <3

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