Real finger brush?


Is there a way to make finger brush not to mix with background? i.e. i want the same finger smoothing like in real life on a piece of paper.
I’ve tried chaning background color, playing with opaquity, adding another layer etc, but nothing seem to help. Brush is always takes background color into account.

This isn’t great, but it’s worth trying:

Play with Smudge. Try setting Smudge to 1.0 “Use only the smudge value” and Smudge Length 1.0 “Never change the smudge color”. So this will never pick up any color- so tweak the stroke on Smudge Length. You’ll want to add a downward spike at the beginning of the stroke so that the very first instant of the stroke the Smudge Length is dropped to zero and then immediately back to 1.0 for the rest of the stroke. This will pick the color and then stay with it forever. Well, until the end of the stroke- so set Stroke Hold Time to 10.0 so it never resets. Set Stroke Duration to something fairly short like 0.40 so that it quickly grabs the color and locks it in. Also set Smudge Radius to something small so the color picked does not include nearby background.

Now this is basically exactly like using color picker each time you start a stroke, you should probably made opacity decrease along with stroke time so you have an effect of smearing. Add some jitter and you might have a reasonable close finger smear. Keep in mind this brush will still pick up canvas color if you start the stroke on the canvas instead of the thing you want to smudge, so it’s still not perfect. . .

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