Re-starting MyPaint user settings and brushes

Hello, I’m Emanuele, an artist from Italy, first of all thank you to the staff for this amazing program, I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s always been fun.

I’ve been experimenting various versions of the program with my old PC (Windows XP).
Unfortunely, though, by installing, uninstalling and messing with the import of various brushes, some of them work on a version and don’t work on another. Sometimes adding a brush to favourites doesn’t work as I restart the program and such brush doesn’t appear in the favourite list.

So, I would like to know how to start “a-new” I mean restart all settings to the real default state.

Specifically: I tried uninstalling everything and even deleting the files in Documents and Setting > Administrator > .mypaint but after re-installing MyPaint, the previous brushes were still there.

Question: how do fully uninstall MyPaint (including brush settings, user settings, just everything) so I can install each version clean and new like I’ve never installed it before ?
In which folders user settings are stored ? Do I have to edit system registry as well to erase all brushes and settings?

Thank you in advance for any response

Side question: I think the definitive version I’m going to use is 1.0 (that is the most compatible with my system), does anyone know a good and working set of brushes which are fully compatible with it ?

There are probably brushes and settings files left under the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\mypaint\ directory, though I don’t know if MyPaint v1.0 would even use that directory.

As for brushes for v1.0, most of these packages (except for Brien’s) should be compatible with v1.0 iirc:
Some of the links appear to be dead, though. We should dig up the packages and reupload them somewhere, on some rainy day.

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hello, yes especially tone and 08 were good brush sets, it would be cool if somebody reuploaded them
about erasing user settings, I checked that folder and it was empty. I repeated the procedure, even looking at any file or folder called “mypaint” on the drive, I erased it but after re-installing mypaint1.0, the brush settings are the same as before

problem solved anyway, I think it’s ok for me, the brushes seem to work fine, I don’t know why (maybe after erasing it all, the brush settings got fixed as well, some brushes didn’t work correctly before).

just one question: how do I clean the “deleted” brushes list ? I tried erasing the group but it’s not allowed by the program

I have reuploaded the 08 and tone sets (and a few others) to github, and updated the links in the wiki.

As for deleting the orphaned brushes, you unfortunately have to either right click them and delete them one by one, or go into the main order.conf file (should be located in a subdirectory to the one I mentioned in theprevious post) and remove the entries under Group: deleted. If you take that route, make a backup before editing the file, just in case.

Thank you so much, if you have the link to those (especially 08, I’ve found tone2 on my hd afterall) that would be great!
I’ve also checked order.conf file … but I don’t really want to mess with it, I saw some brushes names which don’t even show on the program (probably they’re the default ones), as said before it’s ok , I can keep the deleted ones too (probably they will be fun to try and experiment with anyway even if they’re not close to the ones I generally use). Like they say “if something works, don’t touch it” lol

Thanks again!

No problem, happy to help!

Direct link to 08 package:

Link to where you can find it on the wiki:

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Thanks for this subject of discussion, it was helpful. :+1:

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