Raspberry Pi: Pen keeps drawing - withouth pressure

I am a new user, when I move the pen over the Mypaint window it starts drawing, I can not finish a line and start a new on another position. What am I doing wrong?

I have a few questions for you before we can help you. What graphic tablet are you using? Do you have the libwacom libraries installed? Plus are you having the same problem with other graphic programs such as gimp, inkscape, or Krita? Also which ROM on the Raspberry Pi(Ubuntu Mate, Raspbian, Arch, ect.) are you using?

The tablet is the Intuos 3 (YSB).

The libwacom libraries are installed.

On Gimp the drawing is as expected, The pen & tablet are recognised by Gimp, I can set a curve, I did not found out yet how to see effects of these settings.

The OS is Raspbian Jessie with all updates. (It is not the most recent image 2017-02-16 because with that image the wacom is not responding at all) Linux 4.9.11-v7+

Okay. Sorry I forgot to ask you, but what version of MyPaint are you running (Help > About MyPaint)?

That is version 1.1.0

When MyPaint is open, CPU usage is 75% on a Pi3
Doing nothing more than showing a window

Okay, have you try building MyPaint from Source and see if you can duplicate the bug? I just want to make sure the problem wasn’t solved already on Master. To add to the note, a lot has changed between version 1.1, and 1.2.


Following the steps resulted in a running 1.3.0 Alpha version.
The pen is now drawing only when the point touches the surface of the tablet and it reacts on pressure

I do not follow what you mean there. Cause it sounds like to me MyPaint is doing what its suppose to do.

The working pen is in Version 1.3.0 Alpha that was compiled from github sources.
The malfunction is (still) in the version 1.1.0 that was installed from the repository for Raspberry

Okay, then could you try to ping the maintainer of the package there to see if they can update it to the latest version of MyPaint? Sadly we don’t support older versions of MyPaint cause we don’t have the resources to do so. Until then you’ll have to build and update from source on Raspbian.

You could try to install Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry Pi and See if that has the latest version of MyPaint Available.

Hey @Gerbrand. Just checking into whether you able to get MyPaint to work on your Raspberry Pi. Honestly I’m quite curios and if it dose work, I may purchase one myself.

I did not proceed beyond the compilation and first superficial test of the alpha version. The intended user, a elderly lady, lost interest…