Quatre crayons tutorial

Hi, I have made a video on how to make a portrait “à quatre crayons” :

Very nice! I always find it interesting what can be accomplished with just a few colours.

Have you tried the new builds with the new colour mixing? It seems to my untrained eye that it might allow for even more interesting results from this kind of approach.

Thank you. In the tutorial I’m using the version 1.2. I’ve downloaded right now the latest version (the 2.0.0 alpha) but what is the new color mixing?

There is a new brush setting slider (among other new options) called Pigment, which is tied to the new spectral colour mixing - basically it makes colours mixed together act more like real paint would (e.g. blue + red -> purple, blue + yellow -> green).

I guess it won’t be as noticeable when working on separate layers, but there is also a new layer type (also called Pigment, at least in my git build) which provides the same mixing for layers.

Speaking of which, I just tried it out and despite painting a rather small area, MyPaint decided to suddenly try to eat all of my memory, seemingly at random. Seems there might still be a bug or two around.