Pressure sensitivity

Hello everyone

Im a fan of mypaint sice long.

I just bought an intuos ctl 490, and installed mypaint 1.2.1 for windows.

The problem it seems, is mypaint pressure sensitivity is not working with this tablet.

Ive not searched much the forums yet, but will appreciate if someone knows how to fis this, (I saw something related to plugins and tablets but could not access the link).


Happens i was putting too little pressure on the pen, lol

so the pressure works correctly in mypaint, my mistake.

Actually, there is a problem with mypaint and my tablet.

Happens that somehow it does not initialize the tablet correctly or something like that.

When i start mypaint, it does not recognize the pressure sensitivity

however when i start paintoolsai, the program works well with the pressure sensitivity.

If i start mypaint after running paintoolsai, I DOES recognize the pressure sensitivity.

so, myapint needs other program to do something before it can work well with the tablet.

no big deal, i just need to start sai first, then mypaint, but it seems there is a bug in it.

If it’s requiring too much pressure maybe you’d want to reconfigure the pressure curve somewhat.
I think it may be unhealthy to draw/paint applying too much pressure. My own ideal is to have it to work even at the lightest touch, almost as if it was a marker. Unfortunately it always needs a bit more pressure than that.
Some brush configurations on mypaint end up also requiring some additional pressure over an hypothetical “baseline” of minimal pressure required. In other words, different brushes may require a different minimal pressure to work. Some of the relevant configurations are pixel-feathering/anti-alias, and I guess, hardness, possibly initial radius.