Pressure Sensitivity with Budget Drawing Displays (Parblo Coast, Artisul, XP-PEN/Ugee and HUION


I’m shopping around for my first drawing-display - but I’m trying to do it on a budget so I’m looking at a lot of non-Wacom brands. I’ve used drawing-tablets for a while now and know that both driver and software support can be pretty hit-or-miss, especially with these less common manufacturers.

I’m aware of the difference in hardware on these display-tablets and not looking so much for a comparison of color or contrast or ghosting between them. I’m mostly interested in knowing if pressure-sensitivity works in MyPaint with each of these particular tablet drivers.

I’d like to know if any of you have experience with any of these brands and how well they work with MyPaint

Parblo/Monoprice (same hardware and drivers, I'm told)
XP-Pen/Ugee (same hardware and drivers, I'm told)

I did use the search bar before writing up this post, but I couldn’t find anything confirming pressure-sensitivity worked with any of these brands of drawing-displays. I actually saw several posts indicating issues with tracking and pressure that didn’t seem to be resolved yet.

I’ve got open-ears to other brands of similarly priced drawing-displays, however of the ones I have seen these 4 or 5 seem to be the most bang-for-your buck and also most current

(note: assume Windows OS - several of these tablets work exclusively on Windows and Mac)

So what is your budget for a display tablet? I have a monoprice one that I paid around $400 that works pretty good on Linux. I don’t know how well it works on Windows, but I could find out.

EDIT: btw, I do have a thread that kinda lists what devices work with mypaint. Needs to be updated, but it should help.

Hello. I can confirm that the Ugee 2150 (£450) works perfectly on Linux (Mint) out of the box … no driver install needed, but need to mirror displays (applies to all art programs). Ugee worked on Windows 8.1 previously; pressure sensitivity was fine but often problems with drivers, unfortunately only when Windows updated. Important to follow simple Ugee instructions; install drivers before plug in device, and be sure that system has other graphics tablet/monitor drivers removed properly before installing the Ugee drivers. I don’t know about Windows 10 but can recommend Ugee 2150. Have owned it for just over a year and there’s never been a problem with it. :smiley: