Pressure not working periodically

Hello community!

I came face to face with small problem which I have only in MyPaint.
I have a WACOM One S tablet which permanently connected to PC. And if I launch MyPaint then does not work pressure feature.
But this problem disappear if I reconnect tablet and relaunch MyPaint.
This is small inconvenience but I want to solve it.

Thanks and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

P.S. In same time I try this functionality in Krita and there pressure feature work perfectly.
P.P.S. My system is Windows 10 with last updates and up to date WACOM drivers.

Could you give us the model number for your Wacom Tablet?

With no problem!
WACOM One S, model CTL-471/K(A), s/n 5IBP025180

Things might be different with our recent prereleases. Our Windows prereleases for 1.2.0 contain a newer GTK than the one we used for the 1.2.0 release! GTK (or specifically GDK inside it) is the component that allows MyPaint to see pressure for tablets. BUT (and this is a biggie), some of those newer GTKs seem to make MyPaint really slow.

Then again, it may be “just a driver thing”. Windows is like that.