Portrait of Two Girls


here is a portrait of two girls that I finished this week: https://www.behance.net/gallery/58053279/Two-Girls-MyPaint

A video capturing the first hour of my work can be also found in the above link.

The reference photo: https://metromodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/tumblr_lup3zms9mi1qb59t1o1_500.jpg

I cannot say how much time I spent on it, the rough sketch took me an hour, the polishing a few more.



Very nice! Well done.


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Lovely! Nice composition!

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Agreed, very nice work! The video is a nice example of how to work with two windows and using sight-sized reference method. For windows 10 you might be able to use an add-on like one of these:

Then you could float a picture viewer program on top of MyPaint and it might give you some more room to work :slight_smile:

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Hi briend,

thank you for the appreciation and the advice! I didn’t know about these tools, I may try out one of them. My bigger issue in the context of using the program in Windows environment is that python crashes rather often and the program closes without allowing me to save my work first. I’m thinking of switching back to a Windows/Linux dual boot for the purpose of drawing. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Besides briend’s advice, I like to use PureRef for my references. It’ll always stay on top; allows you to quickly resize, flip and rotate and add multiple images.


And nice job with the portrait

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Ah yes, I use DESKPINS, which is listed in that article I find it simple to use and does the job. I also used to use it to show reference images images in a corner of the screen while drawing in a program that didn’t have a “reference image” functionality (programs like Kritra and CSP do have those). I haven’t checked to see if MyPaint has that or not.