Port Pinta as part of a mode inside MyPaint

example of a cool feature from pinta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh6gcJlsQA4

so I use Pinta for it’s transform tools, as well as other things like color tweaks, like to saturate change brightness hue, can also apply some artistic effects.
Pinta is only 3.7mb and compliment mypaint nicely.

I would like to have Pinta intergrated into mypaint so it works more seemlessly.
then do like Blender and have Modes+Workspaces to help keep things isolated into respective functions.
Depending on the mode you’re on in blender it changes what the same keybindings do in many cases.

edit: you could download mypaint with or without this pinta intergration perhaps.

this would be a QOL thing for me and I think it would be something that would have popular appeal for many who find themselves using basic transformation tools regularly.
I see a lot of artists for example use the lasso tool to move parts like a limb and maybe skew the shape a little.

While I agree that Pinta is very useful and more feature-rich. They probably have a very different codebase that the developer of MyPaint probably better off starting from scratch. Though I agree MyPaint should look into what Pinta does well.