Popolon - MyPaint Artwork, animations

Hi all, I’m an early user of MyPaint, after my broken blog, since July 2006.it was probably 0.4 at this time (as I updated about undo added on 0.5 ^^. No layers at this time.

I didn’t really used graphics tools during several years, but I come back and will try to use them as much I can.

This is a recent sketch I made on MyPaint, after photograph work of Kenyan Jonathan Mburugu


I am currently made some try with Pencil2D a free software animation workstation, there is a work in progress about including libmypaint with it.

Here is the first animation I made with Pencil2D + libMyPaint

Feel free to add anything I post in MyPaint Gallery.


I like these images and the animation.

And I can’t believe you’re still using Irix! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you, no, I was using FVWM on Linux in 2006 (time of this screen capture, just to remember how was MyPaint at this time. :).

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did you use an apple pen? or a mouse, mousepad, or touchscreen?

How do you draw on this app? Also, that is so good. I love all the texture and detail put into this peice!

I use an Huion graphic tablet on GNU/Linux system

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with graphic tablet but can be done with any input devices. On Linux there is a mapper between an Android tablet and X11 display used on Linux, The daemon on Linux is called GFXTablet / NetworkTablet, and the daemon on Android part is , it work like a graphics tablet, I used it a little , but I have a good Huion graphic tablet now.

Really good rendering the sketch feel pretty cool!

Yeah, 0.x versions are really good, perfect for sketching, some of their brushes (I use 0.7 as the oldest I god) don’t work in later versions (not even 1.0) or their settings kinda screw up… basic but perfect for 1 layer drawings or artworks. I additionally use Gimp if I want further effects with layers, etc.
I also use a Huion tablet… it doesn’t feel “professional” like a Wacom (my old Bamboo One messed up) but it’s still good (and you can even use custom-modeled plastic, real plastic, to shape your own pen tip… since the replacements are so expensive). Cheap but good anyway.

This is an animation, drawn, in Pencil2D (MyPaint git branch, commit 5190.04c38ce7, more recent are less stable) with MyPaint brush first , but finished in MyPaint itself. The drawing is only a static image. It is then algorithmically animated in Lua, using a mesh, with LÖVE game engine.

Sadly mp4 format is not allowed, so this is a more heavy and far less good quality gif file, You can found the original mp4 animation and some other tests here

The picture finished with MyPaint and used for this animation:


Cool! :slight_smile:

If possible, it would probably be good to not squish and stretch the head.

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Thanks a lot, totally agree with you, I thought about this too, but didn’t care too much, I so made a version with fixed skull, due to a bit anthropomorphic shape. Keep the other one for more realistic invertebrate.

This is the link for the video:
caterpilla with rotating hard antropomophic skull video

We can’t even link videos in post here, sadely:

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Much better!   

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An animation flower made with MyPaint branch of Pencil2D, I first done a rough, to test with my code, after code was in place for frame-by-frame animation to mesh, I polished the animation a bit. I noticed also some errors from the first batch I was able to correct. Still need to do some changes because the png spritesheet is too big for a 128×128pixels of 8 frames animation (I reduced by 2 the drawing, as generally done in comics.) it take 190~200KB, that means that 5 objects like this is already 1MB, cumulating quickly to tens of MB of pictures. I loose lot of place around the flower, but this should be removed by png compression (will still take graphics RAM/bandwidth after uncompression in memory), So I think about unlink the stem from the flower.

The contrast isn’t really visible after reduced in 128×128, so as in animation, color contrast must be boosted to have a visible effect.


Another opening flower, without stem this time.

The spritesheet is 44731 bytes, after optimizing it with
zopflipng -m pic1.png pic1.opt.png
39927 bytes (10% gain)? It automatically transformed the 24 bits RGBA png to an indexed palette one.

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