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I have a touchscreen laptop I use for tutoring math. When I poke the screen, as in writing a period, I would like for the brush to paint the dot I just poked at, rather than just move the mouse there.

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Linux Mint 19.3

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Found under Help --> About MyPaint

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Linux mint 19.3, XFCE

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um, Amtel touchscreen? ASUS Q302L laptop? it also does this with any kind of mouse.

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With the pen enabled, click & drag the mouse across the screen. See how it leaves a stroke?
Now simply click without dragging. See how it doesn’t leave a stroke?

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Look under preference >> Devices. I believe you can change the behavior of certain mouse devices. Plus you might need to fiddle with the brush settings since most need a certain amount of pressure before they register.

The easiest way i know of, is to create a new brush preset for this case.

  • To make a dot always full opacity when using a pen, make sure the “Opacity multiply” Setting in your Brush Settings (Ctrl+B) looks like this:


  • To make a brush create dots, even when there is no cursor movement when clicking, use the “Dabs per second” setting and try a value around 30 (it’s the only way i know of)


  • Save that as a new brush preset and use it instead of the previous default brush. It should work for both mouse and pen equally.